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Impacked PackagingImpacked PackagingImpacked PackagingImpacked Packaging
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Impacked Packaging
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Search a consolidated view of components from multiple suppliers in just a few clicks. We bring the best options to you so you can reduce development lead time and get to market faster.
Impacked Packaging
Impacked Packaging
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Avoid double-digit markups by sourcing direct from the packaging manufacturer through Impacked. We are not a broker or distributor.
Impacked Packaging
Impacked Packaging
Collaborate with multiple vendors, in one place.
Communicate directly with vendors and easily manage sample tracking, quotes, and technical documentation by project.
Impacked Packaging
Source More Sustainable Solutions
Paper Packaging
Bio-based and made from renewable resources, paper-based packaging is a lightweight alternative that is becoming a growing favorite for brands seeking to step up their sustainability game.
View Paper Components
Made with PCR
Utilizing post-consumer recycled content in your packaging gives plastics a second life, reducing carbon footprint and landfill pile-ups while still offering comparable functional properties of virgin plastics.
View Components Available with Recycled Content
Sustainable Sampling & Trial
Sample sachets & trial packaging have long been a sustainability challenge due to their smaller sizes. Plastic reduction, alternative materials, recycled content, and innovative new formats can help enhance sustainability for sample & trial packaging.
View Sachets & Trial Packs
Refillable Jars
Refillable jars are growing increasingly popular, with many brands offering products ranging from shower gel to eye cream to moisturizers in made-to-refill containers.
View Refillable Jars
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Rotational Balm Stick
Introducing our Rotating Scraping Balm Stick - a skincare game-changer that goes beyond the ordinary. Convenient and mess-free, this stylish stick isn’t limited to skincare; its also perfect for hair care, body care, sun care, and fragrance balms. Elevate your regimen with the Rotating Scraping Balm Stick - where technology meets luxury.
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Impacked Packaging

Impacked is the first venture-backed marketplace built specifically for primary packaging

Impacked Packaging
Founded by a former Unilever Global Brand Manager, our team has strong experience in sourcing packaging solutions that deliver on price, performance, aesthetic, and sustainability.
Impacked Packaging
Over 10,000 cosmetic wholesale packaging components designed for beauty & personal care end uses. Made from plastic, glass, aluminum and innovative sustainable materials.
Impacked Packaging
Service and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Impacked Packaging

Finding packaging is harder than it should be.

Finding sustainable packaging is even harder.

We’re on a mission to simplify packaging sourcing and accelerate our industry’s shift to more sustainable solutions.
Packaging is one of the largest industries in the world, yet it is one of the few remaining that still operates largely offline. Each year, trillions of units of cosmetic packaging are still sourced through cold outreach, analog wholesalers, and word of mouth.
But packaging needs are changing - the pace of product innovation is accelerating, e-commerce is booming, and the health of our environment is one of the most important issues of our time.
Now more than ever, the industry needs a better way to connect supply and demand.
With technology, Impacked is reinventing pack sourcing to make it easier for brands & packaging suppliers to connect and collaborate - all in one place.
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