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Innovation, Beauty, and Sustainability

Glasmeister is a new and innovative company offering eco-luxe glass packaging for a clean future. With high reliability directly from stock, we deliver a wide assortment of premium sustainable glass bottles and jars with accompanying closures and accessories. We provide short lead times, low MOQs, and ship from our warehouses in the United States.

Crafted by highly experienced European glass packaging manufacturers, our beautiful packaging range sets itself apart with exceptional quality in every item. With a vast selection of shapes and a commitment to sustainable design and manufacture, we aim to be your trusted long-term partner for premium, environmentally conscious glass packaging. Count on us to provide unwavering support from the outset of your innovation process, ensuring the development of your visionary concepts.

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Impacked Packaging
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Responding to Today’s Packaging Needs

Our packaging range is distinguished by its high quality, durable design, and lightweight glass made from recycled materials in a CO2-friendly production process, all produced in Europe. Our strategic collaboration with specialized accessories manufacturers and glass packaging suppliers allows us to provide a complete packaging solution, from glass and closures to final decoration.

At every step, we strive for constant improvement, ensuring that we deliver extraordinary products and services tailored to your diverse packaging requirements. We firmly believe in the power of co-creation, presenting you with an extensive selection of designs, including custom development, a vast array of colors, and a multitude of decoration options. With our commitment to customization, we aim to transform your glass packaging into a tangible manifestation of your vision.
Our Total Concept Means We Offer Every Element of Packaging
At Glasmeister, we believe in providing a Total Concept approach to packaging solutions. Our extensive range of high-quality glass containers is designed to offer you a suitable closure for any container in our catalog. We work hand in hand with the best closure experts in the market to select the final colors, finishes, patterns, closures, and accessories to ensure that the results look great and your packaging works seamlessly with your product the first time.
With our 'Total Solution' offering, we provide the glass container, cap, and any deocration, design or extras you may need, all in one convenient place. This ensures that you can find the right packaging without the hassle of searching multiple suppliers. Other aspects of our Total Concept service include:
Matching Closure for all Glass Containers
Design and Decoration Services Available
Extremely Low MOQs
Stock Products Shipped from Warehouses in California and New Jersey
Very Short Lead Times
Our Sustainability Initiatives


Our sustainable glass packaging is produced in a CO₂-friendly way thanks to the use of highly advanced furnaces equipped with the latest technology to limit emissions and run on as much renewable energy as possible.

In the years to come, Glasmeister and our partners will continue to pilot new technologies and alternative resources such as hydrogen and biofuel to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the entire product journey.


The factories and our offices are operated where we can with green electricity. For this, certified CO₂-free electricity is obtained from renewable energy sources, guaranteeing lower carbon emission. For example, in some cases, 1 kWh of CO₂-free green electricity can replace 2 kWh of fossil natural gas!
Our Commitment to Sustainability
Since the very first concept, Glasmeister has been committed to doing business in a responsible way. Our glass is sourced with care and consideration, from selecting sustainable glass packaging and locally sourced materials, to using recycled content in our products. Yet we see these as only the first steps toward a better future. We are working to further integrate sustainability into our design process and are looking for innovations that will make our products, decoration techniques and production facilities more sustainable.
Impacked Packaging
Lightweight Material
Our lightweight products result in higher volume capacity or smaller dimensions compared to the original packaging. These products are made with the minimum amount of material possible without compromising the quality and strength of the bottle or jar, while producing a positive effect on transportation costs and CO₂ emissions.
Impacked Packaging
Designed for Recycling
Our sustainable glass packaging is highly recyclable and therefore, never lost to waste. Especially not with us. Glass cullet and fragments are simply remelted and returned to the material cycle ensuring continuous recycling, reduced energy consumption and emissions. Along with our other initiatives we directly recycle 91% of all waste generated in our plants.
Impacked Packaging
Re-use and Refill
No matter how sustainable we want the production to be, the best solution available is to simply re-use the bottle, jar or spray/pump/etc. Elegant refill solutions are developed for this purpose, so that the consumer only has to replace the minimum necessary and the packaging does not end up in the waste cycle. In that way, we can all make sustainable glass packaging even more sustainable.
Innovation Spotlight

An Elite Partnership for Beautiful Packaging

Glasmeister works with you in an elite partnership - co-creating as equals with mutual respect. We immerse ourselves in your brand, tapping into our marketing and engineering expertise to fully understand your brand, product and consumer to provide the perfect packaging to express your brand vision. We collaborate on all aspects from look and feel, to refills and recycling.

Glasmeister knows that the best brands in the world started small and that is why we accept small order quantities and keep large amounts in stock to ensure reliable, short lead times. We want to provide the opportunity for small companies to launch looking their best and larger companies to enhance their sustainability with ease!