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Bio-Based Material
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Xela PackThe image shows the Xela Pack 0.2oz Paper Sachet (5ml) Standard PCRP Kraft. The sachet has a rectangular shape and appears to be made of kraft paper material with a natural brown color. There are no visible graphics or text on the sachet, giving it a clean and minimalist look. The top of the sachet has a sealed edge, indicating that it is designed to be opened by tearing or cutting. The overall appearance is simple and functional, suitable for packaging small quantities of products.

Xela Pack 0.2oz Kraft Paper Sachet

eXpackThe image displays a 1ml PCR Unitube from Expack. The Unitube is a small, cylindrical container with a transparent body and a white screw-on cap. The tube is designed to hold small quantities of liquid, typically used for laboratory or sampling purposes. The background is plain and white, ensuring the focus remains on the Unitube.

eXpack 0.03oz PE Sachet

eXpackThe image shows a transparent, stand-up pouch called the "Expack 1.0oz PE Pouch PCR UniStand 30ml." The pouch is made of plastic and is designed to hold up to 1.0 ounce (30 milliliters) of liquid or semi-liquid product. It has a flat base that allows it to stand upright, and the material appears to be flexible yet sturdy. The packaging is clear, providing visibility of the contents inside.

eXpack 1oz PE Pouch

PICO0.4oz Papersnap® Sachet

PICO 0.4oz Papersnap® Sachet

eXpackThe image displays the Expack 0.3oz PE Standup Pouch. It is a small, clear, flexible pouch designed to stand upright. The pouch has a smooth surface and a resealable top, offering a convenient packaging solution for various small quantities of products. The transparent material allows the contents inside to be visible.

eXpack 0.3oz PE Sachet

PlastubeThe image displays a Plastube 1.0oz Mixed Material Tube. It is a cylindrical tube with a smooth, glossy finish. The tube is predominantly white with a dark-colored cap. The overall design is simple and sleek, suitable for holding various cosmetic or personal care products. The product name, "Plastube," is not visible in the image.

Plastube 1oz PE Coex Tube

Federal Package0.5oz PP Oval Deo Stick

Federal Package 0.5oz PP Oval Deo Stick

CalasoThe image features a clear glass bottle named "Calaso 0.5oz Glass Bottle" by Glasmeister. The bottle has a sleek, cylindrical shape with a wide, rounded shoulder and a narrow neck that leads to a screw-top opening. The glass is transparent, allowing visibility of the contents inside. The bottle is empty and standing upright against a plain, white background.

Calaso 0.5oz 18-415 Glass Cylinder Bottle

APG PackagingThe image features the APG Packaging 0.2oz Mixed Material Lip Stick (APG-CZ1014). The lipstick has a sleek, cylindrical design with a metallic silver cap and a black base. The cap is slightly reflective, giving it a polished, modern appearance. The lipstick itself is a classic bullet shape, visible due to the partially open cap. The overall design is minimalistic and elegant, suitable for a premium cosmetic product.

APG Packaging 0.2oz Bamboo Lip Stick

MRP SolutionsThe image shows a Mold-Rite Plastics 1.0oz PP Jar. The jar is cylindrical, made of translucent plastic, and has a smooth surface. It features a screw-on lid that matches the body of the jar in material and finish. The jar is compact and designed for holding small amounts of various substances, such as cosmetics or samples.

MRP Solutions 1oz PP Jar

Nissha0.3oz Mixed Material Straight Sided Jar

Nissha 0.3oz Mixed Material Straight Sided Jar

Elk PackagingThe image shows a flat, rectangular pouch with a capacity of 1.0 oz. The pouch is primarily designed for packaging and is presented in a neutral, beige color. It has a clean, smooth surface with no visible text or branding. The top of the pouch features a resealable zipper closure. This product is identified as the "ELK Packaging 1.0oz Pouch Flat Compostable Pouch 1oz."

Elk Packaging 1oz Flat Compostable Pouch

Mingdun Packaging1oz PETG Cylinder Bottle

Mingdun Packaging 1oz PETG Cylinder Bottle

JCOP KoreaThe image displays a JCOP Korea 0.1oz PP Lip Stick (LPNS030). The lip stick is housed in a sleek, cylindrical container made of a solid, matte black plastic material. The container has a simple and modern design with smooth surfaces and clean lines. The top cap is slightly rounded, and the bottom part of the container is flat, allowing the product to stand upright. There are no visible labels, text, or logos on the container, giving it a minimalist and elegant appearance.

JCOP Korea 0.1oz Refillable PP Lip Stick

Cosmetic Specialties InternationalThe image features a clear, 0.5oz polypropylene (PP) jar with a matching screw-on lid from Cosmetic Specialties International. The jar has a cylindrical shape with smooth, clean lines, and the transparent material allows the contents inside to be visible. The lid fits securely on top and appears to be easy to twist open and close. This small jar is suitable for holding cosmetic products such as creams, balms, or gels.

CSI 0.5oz 48 PP Straight Sided Jar

Multitubes0.2oz LDPE Monolayer Tube

Multitubes 0.2oz LDPE Monolayer Tube

Viva0.4oz PP Monolayer Tube

Viva 0.4oz PP Monolayer Tube

PICO0.03oz Papersnap® Sachet

PICO 0.03oz Papersnap® Sachet

eXpackThe image shows the Expack 0.3oz PET Standup Pouch Unisolve 8ml. The pouch is semi-transparent with a smooth, glossy surface. It has a standup design with a flat bottom, allowing it to remain upright. The top of the pouch features a tear notch for easy opening. The overall appearance is sleek and minimalistic, suitable for packaging small quantities of liquids or gels.

eXpack 0.3oz Cellulose Sachet

CalasoThe image features the Calaso 0.3oz Glass Jar. It is a small, cylindrical, clear glass container with a smooth, transparent surface. The jar has a wide opening at the top and comes with a matching clear glass lid that fits snugly. The jar and lid have simple, clean lines, giving the product a sleek and modern appearance.

Calaso 0.3oz 40-400 Glass Straight Sided Jar

Federal Package4.4ml PP Stick

Federal Package 4.4ml PP Stick

Xela PackThe image depicts the Xela Pack 0.3oz Paper Sachet (10ml) in standard white. The sachet is rectangular with a flat, smooth surface and features a clean, minimalist design. There are no visible text or graphics on the sachet, emphasizing its plain white appearance.

Xela Pack 0.3oz Paper Sachet

Xela PackThe image shows the Xela Pack 0.2oz Paper Sachet (5ml) in Standard White. The sachet is rectangular with a clean, minimalist design. The front side of the sachet is plain white, providing a blank canvas suitable for branding or labeling. The packaging appears sleek and functional, designed to hold a small volume of product. The edges are neatly sealed, emphasizing its compact and portable nature.

Xela Pack 0.2oz Paper Sachet

CalasoThe image features a clear glass dropper bottle named "Calaso 0.7oz Glass Dropper Bottle BB12722." The bottle has a cylindrical shape with smooth, transparent glass. It is equipped with a black screw cap with an integrated dropper for precise dispensing of liquids. The overall design is sleek and minimalist, emphasizing the clarity and quality of the glass material. The bottle is empty and positioned upright against a plain white background, highlighting its clean and simple aesthetic.

Calaso 0.7oz Glass Dropper Bottle