Refillable Jars
Refillable Jars
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Verity2oz Stainless Steel Jar With Threaded Closure

2oz Stainless Steel Jar With Threaded Closure

Takemoto1.7oz PP Jar

1.7oz PP Jar

Takemoto1oz PP Jar

1oz PP Jar

APG PackagingRefillable 1.7oz Jar

Refillable 1.7oz Jar

APG PackagingRefillable 0.5oz Jar

Refillable 0.5oz Jar

APG PackagingRefillable 1.0oz Jar

Refillable 1.0oz Jar

APC Packaging1.0oz Refillable PET Jar

1.0oz Refillable PET Jar

APC Packaging1.7oz Refillable PET Jar

1.7oz Refillable PET Jar

Viva1.0oz PET Jar

1.0oz PET Jar

Viva1.7oz PET Jar

1.7oz PET Jar

Refillable Jars
Jars thoughtfully designed to be reused for the same use case. By including clear consumer directions for reuse on your artwork, refillable components can help lower your brand’s carbon footprint, reduce consumer waste, and drive repurchase.