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12oz Mixed Material Pouch

TekPak Solutions 12oz Mixed Material Pouch

TekPak Solutions
12oz Mixed Material Pouch
Width x Height x Diameter
6.5 in x 10.1 in x 3.5 in

Impacked PackagingCustom sizes available

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Standard finish
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
800 units
Estimated lead time
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Additional Details
Impacked Packaging
Impacked Packaging

Compatible with existing recycling systems

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Impacked Packaging
Recycled Content

Commercial-ready use of recycled materials

Impacked Packaging
Bio-based Materials

Use of plant-based materials, including plant-based bioplastics

Impacked Packaging
Refill Ready

Designed for reuse with minimum 10x refills

Product Description

TekPak Solutions introduces the 12oz Mixed Material Pouch, a versatile packaging solution designed for various applications. The pouch is available with or without a degassing valve, providing flexibility to meet different packaging needs. Customers can customize their orders with options like valve and zipper or zipper only. TekPak specializes in producing Omnidegradable® bags, pouches, and bottles, offering a unique solution that doesn't depend on water, heat, sunlight, or oxygen to degrade. The organic additive in TekPak's packs reacts with microbes, breaking down plastic into elements beneficial to plant growth. TekPak's commitment to sustainable packaging is driven by the vision of founder Robert Pocius, who has over 35 years of experience in the print and packaging industry. The company's Omnidegradable® technology is scientifically proven, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics. TekPak promises better packaging solutions that are functional, sustainable, and affordable, with a focus on transparency and avoiding 'greenwashing.' The Omnidegradable® solution offered by TekPak stands out in the market due to its shelf stability, biodegradability, and positive impact on plant growth.