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Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouch

TedPack Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouch

Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouch
Width x Height x Diameter
5.9 in x 12.8 in x 3.9 in
No color selected
Standard finish
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
10000 units
Estimated lead time
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Additional Details
Impacked Packaging
Impacked Packaging

Compatible with existing recycling systems

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Impacked Packaging
Recycled Content

Commercial-ready use of recycled materials

Impacked Packaging
Bio-based Materials

Use of plant-based materials, including plant-based bioplastics

Impacked Packaging
Refill Ready

Designed for reuse with minimum 10x refills

Product Description

TedPack's Kraft Paper Flat Bottom Pouch is a versatile packaging solution that can be customized to meet your specific needs. With options for digital print, flexo, and rotogravure printing, this pouch allows for up to 10 colors on each side, providing ample space for branding and product information. The minimum order requirement is 10,000 units, and TedPack offers flexibility in production lead time. The pouch is constructed from three primary materials: polyethylene, polyester, and aluminum foils. Depending on the specific requirements, additional materials such as kraft paper, rice paper, polyamide, and aluminum may be incorporated. These quad seal bags are suitable for various uses, including premium packaging for high-quality coffee or pet foods. Additionally, customization options like a standard zipper, tap zipper, valve, laser scoring, or a handle can be added to enhance functionality. TedPack ensures that the materials used are 100% FDA and BPA free, aligning with safety standards for packaging. With over 20 years of experience, TedPack provides flexible and sustainable packaging solutions, emphasizing innovation and a commitment to environmental responsibility.