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53.6g 28 Kerr PET Preform

Resilux 53.6g 28 Kerr PET Preform

53.6g 28 Kerr PET Preform
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Resilux’s 53.6g 28 Kerr PET Preform is designed specifically for the packaging industries focused on liquor, mixers, and flavorings. Crafted from high-grade PET, these preforms ensure a strong and clear container for your products. The 28mm Kerr neck finish provides a secure seal, maintaining the integrity and quality of the contents.

This preform is versatile in its application across various beverage sectors. The 28mm neck diameter is ideal for standard closures, making it a suitable choice for mainstream and specialty drinks. Optimal for businesses looking to package their beverages, this component supports an efficient production process without compromising on container quality.

With Resilux's expertise in PET materials, each preform guarantees durability and clarity, enhancing the visual appeal of the bottled product. Whether for liquor packaging, mixer packaging, or flavoring packaging, this preform adjusts seamlessly to meet your needs, ensuring your beverage stands out on the shelves.