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54.3g 28-415 PET Preform

Resilux 54.3g 28-415 PET Preform

54.3g 28-415 PET Preform
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Resilux brings you the 54.3g 28-415 PET Preform, a superior packaging component constructed from high-quality PET material. This preform is designed to cater to a broad range of applications including household cleaner packaging, personal care packaging, surface cleaners packaging, dish soap packaging, washes packaging, body wash packaging, body lotion packaging, shampoo/conditioner packaging, hand soap packaging, and face cleanser packaging.

The 28 mm neck diameter ensures a secure fit for various bottle designs, enhancing the integrity and usability of the final product. This feature makes the Resilux 54.3g 28-415 PET Preform an essential choice for brands that prioritize both functionality and design in packaging solutions. With its robust construction and versatile use cases, this preform stands out in the packaging industry.