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53.5g 28-400 SPH PET Preform

Resilux 53.5g 28-400 SPH PET Preform

53.5g 28-400 SPH PET Preform
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Resilux's 53.5g 28-400 SPH PET Preform is expertly crafted to meet the specialized needs of the beverage industry, specifically suited for liquor, mixers, and flavorings packaging. This preform features a 28mm neck diameter, ensuring a tight seal and maintaining the integrity of the contents. Made entirely from PET, a material renowned for its clarity and recyclability, this component supports environmentally responsible packaging solutions. The 28-400 SPH neck finish of this preform accommodates various cap styles, making it a versatile choice for brands looking to customize their packaging. Ideal for businesses aiming to present their products with clarity and quality, Resilux's preform offers a reliable packaging base for enhancing brand visibility and product safety.