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53g 33-Kerr PET Preform

Resilux 53g 33-Kerr PET Preform

53g 33-Kerr PET Preform
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Resilux's 53g 33-Kerr PET Preform is specially designed for the beverage industry, supporting mixer packaging, flavoring packaging, liquor packaging, and ready-to-drink packaging. Constructed from high-grade PET, this preform guarantees safety and maintains the integrity of the packaged goods with its 33mm Kerr neck finish, which ensures a tight seal and compatibility across various bottling lines.

The design of the 33mm neck diameter is meticulously developed to support the secure enclosure of beverages, enhancing operational efficiency without compromising on product safety. Available with flexibility in order management due to its no minimum order quantity, the Resilux 53g 33-Kerr PET Preform emerges as a top choice for businesses needing versatile and dependable beverage packaging solutions.