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49g 28-400 SpH PET Preform

Resilux 49g 28-400 SpH PET Preform

49g 28-400 SpH PET Preform
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Crafted from high-quality PET, the Resilux 49g 28-400 SpH PET Preform is a versatile packaging component for a variety of cleaning products. With a 28mm neck diameter, this preform is perfect for household cleaner packaging, surface cleaner packaging, dish soap packaging, and washes packaging. The robust PET material ensures longevity and resilience, making it a reliable choice for brands.

Designed to meet the needs of dynamic market demands, the Resilux Preform supports efficient packaging processes thanks to its standardized 28mm 400 SpH neck finish. This feature facilitates compatibility with numerous cap styles, promoting seamless production lines. The absence of minimum order requirements opens up opportunities for businesses of all sizes to utilize this high-grade preform in their product lines.