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48g 28-400 PET Preform

Resilux 48g 28-400 PET Preform

48g 28-400 PET Preform
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Resilux introduces the 48g 28-400 PET Preform, a versatile packaging component ideal for various cleaning products. Crafted from high-quality PET material, this preform ensures robust and reliable packaging solutions for household cleaner packaging, surface cleaner packaging, dish soap packaging, and washes packaging. The 28mm neck diameter of the preform facilitates easy filling and dispensing, making it a go-to choice for brands focused on consumer convenience and product safety.

With no minimum order requirement, this offering by Resilux caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that both small-scale and large-scale operations can benefit. The preform's 28mm neck finish is precisely designed to maintain product integrity and prevent leaks. As a staple in the packaging industry, the 48g 28-400 PET Preform stands out for its practical design and application across a variety of liquid cleaning products.