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48.1g 28-410 PET Preform

Resilux 48.1g 28-410 PET Preform

48.1g 28-410 PET Preform
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Resilux introduces the 48.1g 28-410 PET Preform, crafted from high-quality PET materials, ensuring a robust packaging solution for a variety of cleansing and care products. With its well-designed 28mm neck diameter, this preform is perfect for body lotion packaging, body wash packaging, hand soap packaging, and face cleanser packaging. Additionally, it fits seamlessly with shampoo/conditioner packaging, household cleaner packaging, surface cleaner packaging, and dish soap packaging.

The 28-410 neck finish of this preform allows for easy application and compatibility with a wide range of closures and dispensers, making it a versatile choice for brands looking to enhance their product offering. Resilux ensures consistent quality and performance, making the 48.1g 28-410 PET Preform a reliable choice for your packaging needs. This component is designed to meet the exacting needs of various washes and cleaning agents, underscoring its adaptability and utility in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.