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43.5g 28-400 SpH PET Preform

Resilux 43.5g 28-400 SpH PET Preform

43.5g 28-400 SpH PET Preform
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The Resilux 43.5g 28-400 SpH PET Preform is crafted from high-quality PET and offers a versatile packaging solution for various household and personal care products. With a neck diameter of 28 and a 400 SpH finish, this preform is perfect for creating sturdy and practical containers for items like household cleaners, surface cleaners, dish soap, and washes packaging. The standard neck dimensions ensure compatibility with a wide range of bottle designs and closures, facilitating a seamless production process for brands. This preform's robust structure and material ensure that the final product meets the rigorous standards required for everyday cleaning and maintenance products, making it a reliable choice for brands looking to package their goods effectively.