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40g 28-400 SpH PET Preform

Resilux 40g 28-400 SpH PET Preform

40g 28-400 SpH PET Preform
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The Resilux 40g 28-400 SpH PET Preform, crafted from durable PET material, is a versatile component in the packaging industry. Specially designed with a 28mm neck diameter, it is ideal for a range of household and personal care products, including household cleaner packaging, surface cleaner packaging, dish soap packaging, and washes packaging. This robust preform ensures compatibility and functionality with numerous bottle designs, emphasizing its utility with a 28mm neck finish that aligns seamlessly with varying cap styles.

Resilux’s commitment to quality is evident in each 40-gram preform, tailored to maintain the integrity and efficacy of the contained products. The 28-400 neck finish of this preform promises a secure seal, preventing leaks and maintaining product freshness. This component is essential for brands looking to deliver reliability and performance through their product packaging.