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1.7oz 59-SPECIAL Glass Straight Sided Jar

MIRON Violetglass 1.7oz 59-SPECIAL Glass Straight Sided Jar

MIRON Violetglass
1.7oz 59-SPECIAL Glass Straight Sided Jar
Width x Height x Diameter
2.5 in x 1.3 in x 2.5 in
No color selected
Standard finish
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
28 units
Estimated lead time
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Impacked Packaging
Impacked Packaging

Compatible with existing recycling systems

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Impacked Packaging
Recycled Content

Commercial-ready use of recycled materials

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Bio-based Materials

Use of plant-based materials, including plant-based bioplastics

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Refill Ready

Designed for reuse with minimum 10x refills

Product Description

The Sirius 50 ml cosmetic jar is a part of the Sirius (CD-B) design-series, which have a luxurious modern, wide design. It’s called ‘wide’ because of its low profile and wide mouth, and they are equally sized between the bottom and the top make them easily stackable. These jars are made from high-quality and luxurious Miron violet glass, specially designed and working as a filter blocking harmful rays of light. The protection of the glass assures that taste, smell, color, bioenergy, and product properties remain preserved longer.

This jar is perfect for packaging cosmetic products such as creams, balms, masks, salves, or butter. The 30 ml glass jar is perfect for heavier care, where only a small amount is needed. Next to natural cosmetics, the series is also perfect for holding items such as spices, herbs, and semi-liquids because the smaller mouth facilitates the pouring out of the content. These cosmetic jars can be used in combination with matching items such as closure lids and covers

Capacity to brimful: 56,0 ±1,6 ml
Capacity to fill point: 50 ml (1 2/3-oz)
Advised Max Label dim(…): 13 x 196,3 mm
Lockable: No
Pcs/pack: 28
Pcs/pallet: 5376
Item code: HF11036-204