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Smooth 28-410 Lotion Pump

Calaso Smooth 28-410 Lotion Pump

Smooth 28-410 Lotion Pump
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Standard finish
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50 units
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Impacked Packaging
Impacked Packaging

Compatible with existing recycling systems

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Impacked Packaging
Recycled Content

Commercial-ready use of recycled materials

Impacked Packaging
Bio-based Materials

Use of plant-based materials, including plant-based bioplastics

Impacked Packaging
Refill Ready

Designed for reuse with minimum 10x refills

Calaso PP Pump

Introducing Calaso's Smooth 28-410 Lotion Pump, designed for eye care, body lotions, washes, oils, soaps, creams, and cleansers. The glossy black finish adds a touch of sophistication to your packaging. With a minimum order of 50 units and a swift one-week production lead time, Calaso ensures a seamless fit with their total packaging concept. The pump cap, item FPB18A3C005-200, with a 28/410 thread, is crafted in collaboration with top closures experts, ensuring a perfect match for your chosen colors, finishes, patterns, closures, and accessories. As a supplier headquartered in Hoogeveen, Netherlands, Calaso specializes in eco-luxe glass packaging, emphasizing sustainability through recycled content, CO2-friendly processes, and a 'Total Concept' approach. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Calaso operates from California and New Jersey warehouses, positioning itself as a reliable and eco-conscious leader in the glass packaging industry.