October 10, 2023
James W.

The Top 6 Trending New Packaging Components on Impacked

As we enter the last few months of the year, we wanted to take a look back at some of the most exciting packaging components that launched on Impacked over the last few months. To do so, we analyzed our Impacked Packaging database to pinpoint which items were trending as stand out items. From flexible packaging superstars to new ranges from top suppliers, check out the top 6 trending new packaging products on Impacked! 

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1. Flexcraft 160oz PET Wide-Mouth Jug

Flexcraft is a leading US manufacturer of both stock and custom bottles and closures for the food & beverage, medical, consumer, personal care, and pet care markets. One of our favorite products from their catalog on Impacked is the 160oz PET Jug, a highly versatile wide-mouth handled jar. Commonly used for packaged foods, this popular item is made from 100% recycled content and is fully recyclable, making it a great alternative to the non-recyclable PVC packaging traditionally used at this size. Flexcraft additionally offers large F-Style Bottles and an HDPE Bottle collection, with sizes ranging from 8oz all the way up to 128oz. 

Flexcraft 160oz PET Bottle

2. Morae Mono-Material Dropper

Likely one of the most innovative items on this list, we were super impressed with Morae’s recently developed mono-material dropper bottle. Why’s that? Conventional droppers are often unrecyclable in practice since they use varied materials- Morae turns this convention on its head with their new single material dropper design, made completely of polypropylene. Conveniently, this mono-material dropper was engineered so that it can be used while still screwed onto a bottle to minimize spillage and leakage from use. Browse Morae's full catalog on Impacked Today

3. Pico 0.4oz Paper Snap Sachet

Pico’s Easy Snap Paper Sachets have broken through as premier sampling products on Impacked, helping drive one of our fastest growing product categories. The PaperSnap range is made up of luxury single dose sachets ranging in size from .03oz to .4oz. These eye catching sachets are made with over 85% paper and are recycle-ready for paper bins . In addition to being cost effective and crafted out of bio-based materials, these snap packs allow for effortless one-handed opening that is ideal for convenience while being inclusive of the elderly and those with disabilities. This combination of universal accessibility with a premium ergonomic design is great for both the consumer and the planet. 

Pico 0.4oz Paper Snap Sachet

On-the-Go convenience just got a little greener 💚 Check out the full range here! 

4. Alltub's "The Green Tube" and Roy AI Caps

Having launched very recently on Impacked, we’ve seen a spike in shopping for Alltub’s Green Tube, a sustainability super-hero made of PCR and PIR aluminum. Without impacting the look or feel of the tube, Alltub has been able to use recycled materials to reduce the CO2 footprint of the tube 50% when compared to tubes made from virgin aluminum. In addition, this tube is compatible with Alltub’s Roy AI cap, an elegant tube top also made from aluminum, leading to additional plastic reduction. This recycle-ready eco-innovation was the recipient of the ETM 2023 Aluminum Tube of the Year, we can’t say we’re too surprised   💁♀️

Alltub's Green Tube Range

5. Elk Packaging Compostable 12oz Stand Up Pouch

Beginning with the development and launch of their first fully compostable gusseted stand up pouch back in 2015, Elk Packaging has always been on the forefront of eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions. We’ve always loved flexible packaging because of its material and resource efficiency, but Elk’s 14oz Stand Up Pouch takes sustainability to the next level. This Bio-Based standup pouch is third party lab tested to ASTM D6400 and D6868 standards which verify that the packaging breaks down in commercial compost conditions. Available with various decorations and finishes, this packaging can be used across various industries from beauty and cosmetics to foods and other household products. 

Elk Packaging 12oz Paper Standup Pouch

Check out Elk Packaging’s full assortment of compostable pouches here

6. Resilux 8oz Hot Fill PET Bottle

The final packaging component on our list of trending items is one of the newest listings on Impacked from Resilux, their 8oz Hot Fill PET Bottle. This recyclable bottle offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for mid-sized beverage brands looking to find their niche in the market. Designed for hot fill applications aimed at extending the shelf life of a variety of beverages, this stock bottle can withstand temperatures of up to 185 degrees. Manufactured locally in the US, Resilux can often offer lead times as low as 2 weeks for domestic customers making this item a fantastic option for any new or ongoing beverage project.

Resilux 8oz Hot Fill PET Bottle

That's a wrap of our top six trending new items on Impacked! For more information on the latest trends on Impacked, schedule a consultation with one of our packaging experts or reach out to us at