March 26, 2024

Our 6 Favorite Products From Expo West 2024

Earlier this month we attended Natural Products Expo West, the premier trade show for organic and natural CPG brands. For the second year in a row, the packaging from the brands exhibiting did not disappoint one bit. From compostable beauty products to resealable snacks, we’re sharing our 6 favorite packaging picks from Expo West! 

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Cleanery Eco-Friendly Sachets and Sugarcane Bottles

Starting off our roundup is Cleanery, an Australia-based low waste cleaning and personal care brand that specializes in dissolvable solutions that don’t compromise on efficacy. With the goal of reducing single-use plastics, Cleanery’s eco cleaning and personal care products come in a powdered format which are mixed with water to create the end product. These waterless products come packaged in recyclable sachets resulting in 99% less waste compared to traditional bottles. To ensure recyclability of the sachets for all consumers, Cleanery also offers a pre-paid envelope to return your sachet collection to be recycled.  In addition to the sachets, Cleanery’s reusable sugarcane-derived bottles with matching mono-material pumps demonstrate the company’s commitment to a more sustainable future.

Cleanery Quality Assessment vs All-Purpose Cleaners

ESW Beauty Compostable Sheet Masks & PCR Tubes

We wanted to spotlight two products from ESW Beauty, starting with their Pastel Bloom Set which launched just last week. The set comes with 5 sheet masks featuring hero ingredients such as Vanilla Oat Milk, Strawberries & Cream, and Match Almond Milk. Each sheet mask is made from a compostable fabric called cupra, and packaged in a recyclable LDPE die cut sachet. The set of compostable wipes comes packaged in a paper-based carton which we love for it’s soft, earthy feel and reuse potential. 

We also wanted to shout out ESW Beauty’s high quality, sustainable, decoration on their paper tubes and retail cartons. For these packaging formats, ESW Beauty uses a soy based ink which does not contain any heavy metals that could potentially contaminate water and soil when deposited in landfills. 

Jack N’ Jill’s Custom Threaded Closure for Kids

Jack N’ Jill’s Blissful Bubbles Bubble Bath stood out to us at Expo West as a great example of using packaging to enhance a consumer’s overall experience with a product. A natural kids and babycare brand, Jack N’ Jill believes the best way to get babies and kids into a good bathing routine is to make it fun. To that end, their bubble bath wash comes with a threaded closure which doubles as a bubble wand to make bathing more interactive and less of a chore. The bubble bath wand shape matches the brand’s artwork, which is printed on a rectangular PCR bottle

P.S Check out Jack N’ Jill’s compostable toothbrushes which have a plastic free handle made from biodegradable cornstarch and PBT bristles that are BPA free and recyclable 🪥  

Babo Botanicals Recyclable Haircare Cartons 

Babo Botanicals hair care cartons are a great example of a brand making data-driven decisions around environmentally friendly packaging. Babo Botanicals used an LCA to find out what packaging type would be the most environmentally friendly option for their shampoos and conditioners, ultimately landing on a paper-based carton.  The carton is coated with a thin barrier of plastic allowing it to be water resistant for use in the shower.  This paper-based carton is made with 80% less plastic than traditional plastic bottles, uses FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paperboard, and is recyclable in the US per How2Recycle’s standards.

Humble Paperboard Deodorants and Bar Soaps

Based in New Mexico, Humble is a personal care brand best known for their aluminum-free, 4 ingredient, natural deodorants. These eye-catching deodorants come packaged in a 2.65oz home compostable paper tube. Humble’s deodorant tubes use a silica-derived liner, vegetable cellulose finish, and eco-friendly ink to ensure that every part of the packaging is completely degradable. The brand currently uses plastic-free packaging across their top selling deodorants and new bar collection, all of which ship in recyclable brown paper envelopes or cardboard shipping boxes when purchased from their website. Our personal favorite? The Palo Santo & Frankincense deodorant!  

CirC Bites Resealable Protein Balls  

Rounding out our list of favorites from Expo West are CirC Bites, a new disruptive spin on the traditional energy bar category. CirC has reimagined an on-the-go bar as a pack of 5 poppable, grazable protein balls. These protein balls provide the same energy as a traditional energy bar, but come in a resealable and recyclable tray that allows consumers to eat at their own pace. These bites have 10g of protein and have a blend of raw, natural ingredients like whole grain oats, peanuts, dates, and agave. Simple ingredients, superior packaging!