May 26, 2023
Alyson L

The Benefits of Glass Packaging

Key Takeaways

Glass is a sustainable, durable, and protective material that can be customized to create a unique brand identity.
Frosted glass, embossing, and colored glass are popular techniques for creating unique and eye-catching cosmetics packaging.
Suppliers such as Cameo, Morae Packaging and Glasmeister specialize in a wide range of glass solutions

The Benefits of Using Glass Primary Packaging

The “glassification” of cosmetics products is on the rise, with more brands than ever employing glass as primary premium packaging. With packaging playing an essential role in product selection, lets look closer at some of the benefits of incorporating glass into your next project.


The visual and emotional impacts of packaging are immeasurable. Glass projects an experience and a product of value. Everything from the tint, texture, embossing and choice of lid plays a part in this experience. As a material, it brings the potential for great personalization and “premiumization” of a product. 


Another feature that makes glass a top choice for cosmetics is durability. While once considered fragile, glass is now made thicker and even shatterproof to allow for optimal protection of beauty products. 

Integrity and Quality

Glass packaging creates an impermeable barrier between the product and the environment. It can protect a cosmetic product from contamination and environmental damage that could potentially ruin it. Colored or frosted glass jars can be used to enhance the UV protection of the contents as well. 


Another advantage of glass containers is that they’re able to maintain their clarity over time as it doesn’t degrade as other materials such as plastics do. In addition, clarity offers customers interaction with the product like quality, color, before purchase. Often times, transparency can add to the perceived value of the product.

Environmentally Friendly

Glass is 100% infinitely recyclable, which allows both producer and consumer to lighten their carbon footprint. It’s also inert, meaning if it misses the recycling stream, it won’t cause harmful leaching in landfills like other materials might. In addition, it's also easy to clean and sterilize, making it perfect for reuse. 

Types of Glass Packaging Styles 

Glass is not a one size fits all solution for primary packaging, many variations exist that provide unique benefits and customization opportunities. The shape or type of a glass bottle can evoke feelings and create an emotional connection with consumers and reflect a company's brand identity.

Frosted Glass

To make glass jars unique for cosmetics products, there are myriad ways to customize the look and feel, and deciding whether you will choose matte or glossy is a decision on brand messaging and function. 

Special coatings like the frost effect can add a sophisticated touch to a new product rollout. Frosted glass allows the consumer to still establish the volume and color while offering more UV protection than a clear glass jar or pot. 

1.0 oz Frosted Glass Jar


Embossing is the technique of adding designs or raised text directly to the glass. Utilizing embossing to decorate a glass jar for a cosmetics product can be an excellent way to draw attention and highlight unique features of the brand messaging, such as the logo of a company. 

BeautyBio Embossed Glass Face Treatment

Colored Glass

Colored glass jars for cosmetics products are also quickly becoming an increasingly popular choice for many brands. Utilizing different tints in glass is a unique and undeniably powerful visual tool to draw the eye and set yourself apart from competitors. Additionally, certain colored glasses can help further protect the product from UV Light, increasing the shelf life of the item.

Miron Violet Glass

The team at Impacked Packaging can help you create a one-of-a-kind look for your product that will grab consumers’ attention and give your business an edge over the competition. Contact us today to learn more about our customized glass packaging solutions.