September 29, 2023
James W.

Our 7 Favorite Products from Expo East 2023

Last week we had the chance to attend Natural Products Expo East in Philadelphia, the east coast’s leading trade show for organic and healthy products. From sustainable cosmetic products to healthy snacks, we were very inspired by disruptive formats and sustainable solutions that we saw. We’ve rounded up our 7 favorite products from Expo East, check them out below! 

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🍹 Sayso Craft Cocktail Tea Bags 

Move over pre-mixed cocktails, there’s a new drink in town! Sayso craft cocktails bring a new style to classic cocktails (and mocktails). Packaged in individual sachets, Sayso’s craft tea-bags make making drinks at home easier than ever before- Simply drop the tea bag into a cup of water and your choice alcohol, steep for 3 minutes, and add ice. With 8 tea bags packaged in 1 stand-up pouch, Sayso is making a sustainability statement through plastic reduction in the pre-mixed cocktail category. 

Our personal favorite? The Honey Rosemary Moscow Mule 💁‍♀️

💜 Rebel Green Room and Linen Sprays

While candles and diffusers are still the most popular ways to add fragrance scents at home, room sprays have gained popularity over the last few years. Rebel Green’s Refreshing Room and Linen Spray caught our eye at Expo East; a sulfate free range of plant based sprays made with essential oils. In addition to being free of synthetic fragrances, we love the playful language on the back of pack reminding consumers to recycle the bottle (“Please recycle after use. This bottle could end up as a toothpaste or a park bench. That's way cool!”).


🌊 Ocean Halo Simple Seaweed Snacks

As big fans of a crunchy, crispy, seaweed snack, we think the packaging of the Ocean Halo’s products is incredibly thoughtful and innovative. Ocean Halo has done away with the plastic tray packaging found inside traditional seaweed snack packaging, reducing both the plastic they use in the product and freeing up more shelf space for the product in stores. Ocean Halo claims this space reduction allows the product to be 4x more efficient at shelf, while also reducing carbon emissions by 50% vs traditional seaweed snacks. Available in 10 different flavors, look out for these sustainable superheroes and Kroger, Safeway, Albertsons, and Amazon.

🧴 Cleanery Liquid Hand Soap Mix-In Sachets 

High fives for sustainable solutions! We love to see reusable, waterless solutions and Cleanery is no exception to that. Cleanery’s new range of hand soaps come in the form of mix in packets, allowing the brand to greatly reduce the packaging used for hand soaps and make refill storage significantly easier at home. Cleanery’s hand soap starter kit a reusable 10 oz amber glass bottle and 4 different lightly scented mix-in hand washes (Mandarin & Cedar; Coconut & Sandalwood; Rose & Pink Pepper; Blood Orange & Mint) which clean, protect, and moisturize. Individual refills can then be purchased online in packs of 1,3, or 4. 

🥰 Natuku Minerals Manicouagan Clay Face Mask 

Natuku Minerals’s face mask is a multi-purpose cleansing star, helping remove impurities in your pores, control shine, and improve the look of skin imperfections. Despite only having 5 ingredients, this face mask is packed with over 40 active minerals and micronutrients which are found in Manicougan clay, extracted from the St. Lawrence River. In addition to the cleansing feel, we love that Natuku Minerals Face Masks are packaged in bio plastic tubes, meaning the plastic was manufactured into a commercial product from a natural or renewable source. 

P.S., be on the lookout for Natuku Minerals body and hair care products which also feature Manicouagan Clay as their hero ingredient!

🍫 Chocxo Organic Peanut Butter Cups & Chocolate Squares 

Even if we didn’t love the packaging, we’d have to include Chocxo in this list based on how good their products tasted at Expo East. Chocxo makes mouth-wateringly delicious chocolate which is free of artificial sweeteners, organic, and sustainably sourced (while still being Keto!). Packaged in resealable pouches, Chocxo partners has partnered with rePurpose Global to become certified plastic neutral, meaning they are removing an equivalent amount of plastic from the environment vs what they produce. 

Our personal favorite? It’s got to be the Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups.

🪥 Clean Age Waterless Toothpaste Tabs

We’ve previously spotlighted Clean Age’s beautiful natural deodorant, but we think their newest range of waterless toothpaste tabs deserve a mention as well! Clean Age’s creative approach to oral care comes in the form of pre-measured, waterless, single use tablets that turn into a traditional toothpaste when combined with water in your mouth. These less-mess, no waste tablets are sustainably packaged in a 1oz recyclable cardboard carton (62 tablets), drastically reducing the packaging required and improving recyclability vs traditional toothpaste tubes. Currently available online at Amazon and Clean Ages website, we have no doubt we will be seeing this product in stores soon.