July 21, 2023

8 Brands with Stand-Out Packaging from Cosmoprof Las Vegas

Last week at Cosmoprof Vegas 2023, we got a chance to catch up with up-and-coming innovative cosmetic and beauty brands and learn about the considerations that go into their packaging choices. From sustainable solutions to sleek aesthetics, we’re recapping 8 of our favorite brands with stand-out packaging from Cosmoprof LV!  

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♻️ Allwell Beauty Postbiotic Cleanser in 100% Recycled Aluminum

Allwell Beauty really impressed us with their commitment to sustainability in both their packaging and product formulas. Allwell’s new Postbiotic Cleanser is sold in a 100% recycled aluminum bottle with a mono-material polypropylene pump, making each component readily recyclable (we especially love to see brands going the extra mile to use a recyclable pump since most are not 🙂). Bonus points go to Allwell’s Daily Glow AOX Serum, which uses a refillable airless bottle system to encourage consumers to reuse the base container.  It was clear to us that sustainability does not stop at packaging with Allwell… the brand uses upcycled ingredients from plants in their product formulations and was even awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award and Edison Award for innovations in sustainable technology.

💛LightWater Skin’s Single-Use Moisturizers & Stand Up Pouches 

LightWater Skin’s AM and PM moisturizers come as single serving moisturizers, mirroring the packaging often used for mix-in products in the health and wellness space and offering consumers ultimate convenience when on the go. These single serve sachets also prevent cross-contamination and accelerated product degradation typical of moisturizers frequently exposed to air, light, and touch when packaged in traditional jars. LightWater skin is a great example of how even single-serving brands can make conscious decisions to reduce their environmental impact through smart packaging choices. Lightwater boasts complimentary return shipping through their recycling partner to ensure that their single serve packets are actually recycled. We also like that the daily dose packets come in a flexible stand up pouch which LightWater claims uses 35% to 70% less material than rigid packaging and is en route to becoming fully compostable in industrial facilities. 

Looking for a more sustainable single serve solution for your next project? Check out Pico’s innovative Paper Snap Sachet, a fully recyclable paper sachet which can be used across for liquid and semi liquid products 🔥

👏 Foamie’s Powder-to-Milk DIY Face Cleanser

Already known for their sustainable shampoo and conditioner bars, we were excited to see Foamie’s newest product, a Powder-to-Milk Face Wash, at Cosmoprof. Packaged in powder form, this travel friendly favorite comes to life when combined with water to turn into a gentle face cleanser. We love this item because of its convenience, increased value density (uses per product), and DIY fun factor! The powder format also reduces the weight of the product vs liquid face cleansers, which is a win when it comes to reducing carbon emissions from shipping. Like their beauty and personal care bars, Foamie’s Powder-to-Milk cleanser claims to be 100% plastic free, vegan, and fragrance-free. 

🔥Kabuto Katana’s Eye-Catching Bottle Design

Kabuto Katana’s range of vegan men's grooming products stood out for their breathtaking bottle design. Each rectangular bottle’s bright base color is contrasted with a black finish extending up the top of the bottle. We love the use of a defining brand element on packaging to create consistency across a range. The finished product is a unique and premium front of pack design that easily stands out on the shelf of any mens grooming set. 

😍 Timeless Skincare’s Sustainability-First Approach

We like Timeless Skincare’s eye-popping colorful packaging, but we LOVE all of their sustainability initiatives. Timeless Skincare has partnered with Terracycle to create a national recycling program for their plastic products. Once collected, the plastic packaging is cleaned and melted into hard plastic by Terracycle so that it can be remolded to make new recycled products.

Timeless Skincare  goes the extra mile with fantastic infographics on their website detailing the steps customers can take to ensure packaging is recycled after the product is used. Educating and empowering consumers is a simple yet effective step to maximize the end of life outcomes for packaging… Timeless Skincare is setting a standard for beauty brands everywhere!

P.S. The brand also offers large refill sizes for their face care products to try and curb their environmental impact even further.

🧴Ameva Skincare’s Spin on Airless Pumps

Ameva Skincare makes our list of favorites because of their implementation of an airless pump refill system across their face moisturizers and serums. Refill containers have gained popularity across many body care formats such as lotions and body washes and are now beginning to emerge as a more frequent feature of new innovations in the cosmetic and face care industry. Ameva’s refill system is an elegant use of fully recyclable airless pumps and refills made with PCR, eliminating 85% of potential waste. We love this solution and are excited to see more brands launch in refills to drive greater consumer adoption of these systems. Check out this great video from Ameva showcasing their packaging and product benefits below:

In addition to their responsible packaging efforts, Ameva claims to offset the footprint generated from shipping their products to ensure full carbon neutrality 💚

🗣 Faith in Nature’s On Pack Recycling Instructions and PCR Bottles

Faith in Nature continues to refine their packaging to balance efficacy and improved sustainability with low-friction solutions that consumers will actually adopt. We were impressed with the team’s extensive knowledge of packaging sustainability, and their thoughtful packaging decisions that clearly considered nature as a primary stakeholder. The brand uses 100% recycled plastic bottles across their ranges of hair and body products and have even recently reduced the net weight of their bottles to use as little plastic as possible. We especially love the messaging “Recycling is good, refilling is better,” embossed on the top of the bottles to remind consumers to recycle or refill the bottle in the moment that matters most… at disposal. The brand is also currently working towards a closed loop recycling scheme and encourages consumers to mail empty bottles back so they can be reused at some point in the future. 

P.S. We’re also big fans of Faith in Nature’s current sustainability promotion, offering 25% off on plastic free items on their website!

💡Earth Harbor’s Plastic-Free Refill Dispenser 

Rounding out our favorite 8 of Cosmoprof is Earth Harbor’s plastic-free refill dispenser. We love this product because it eliminates the need for a plastic pump, spray, or dropper, while still allowing for precise dosing (dispenser is notched with measuring lines up to 1 ml). By nature of the design, the dispenser can be used across virtually any of Earth Harbor’s bottles, enabling a succinct and sustainable skincare experience. Earth Harbor’s glass dispenser compliments their range of skincare refill products, all of which are packaged in glass jars fitted with threaded closures. Sometimes simple solutions really are the most elegant ones!  

That wraps up our 8 favorite brands with stand-out packaging from Cosmoprof Las Vegas! Stay tuned for more coverage from upcoming tradeshows and check out some of our previous brand spotlights here.