October 13, 2022

Top 5 Refillable Fragrance Bottles

Are perfume bottles recyclable? Yes, most are. 

Does recycling them require additional steps that most people aren’t aware of, leading to wasted glass instead of reincarnation as another container? It happens. 

The solution; the refillable perfume bottle. This reusable solution is no less aesthetically beautiful (many make art pieces for otherwise drab bathroom shelves), easy to refill, and has infinite life as a sustainable beauty necessity.

The refillable perfume concept is not a new one, and you’ll see on our list a brand that first launched the concept in 1992 as well a launch as recent as 2022. Forty years has shown a proof of concept that, hopefully, more brands can adapt their models to be part of the waste less beauty movement. 

1. MUGLER -  Alien Goddess

Thierry Mugler was the originator of the refillable perfume bottle launching the handcrafted star-shaped Angel fragrance in 1992. The invention was to honor the art-like construction of the bottle, one he felt didn’t deserve a linear lifecycle that would see it at best recycled or at worst, tossed after it was emptied. MUGLER was inspired by 

As part of an eco-design strategy, a new version was launched with MUGLER’s Fountain refill stations in 2019. It included lighter, smaller glass cylinders incorporating 25% recycled glass in its bespoke design. In addition, all the fountain parts are designed to be easily replaced, emphasizing infinite reusability, durability, and overall reduction of the perfume line's carbon footprint. 

This year, MUGLER has launched Alien Goddess as a part of their Alien Collection, which comes with 100ml refills. 

MUGLER says today, one bottle of their fragrance is refilled every 25 seconds and aims to continue bringing customers into its sustainable vision for the future. 

2. Prada I Paradoxe

Actress Emma Watson, long known for her environmental activism, was pivotal in the launch of Prada’s new fragrance, Paradoxe. Her love of sustainable fashion has led to a natural collaboration with Prada to create a sustainability-minded fragrance that includes 100ml refills. It is Prada’s first go at an infinitely reusable fragrance and contains ingredients like Moroccan Neroli oil that are sourced in a sustainable manner.

3. Jo Malone - Fragrance Combining Palette

Jo Malone’s Solid Cologne Scent Duo pulls double duty, combining two fragrances in an easy to pack carrying case. The design allows users choice in fragrance and the ability to swap them out for whatever mood they’re currently in. The brand also makes scent recommendations, or the wearer can personalize the palette. 

Over 75% of the packaging used across Jo Malone’s products is recyclable, with a goal to make that 100% by 2025. However, Jo Malone’s commitment to prioritizing sustainability goes beyond refillable packaging. They have also partnered with their laboratories to harness solar power and have signed on to the Renewable Energy 100 Pledge to source 100% of their electricity from renewable sources.

4. Diptyque - Philosykos Solid Perfume

Diptyque is another solid fragrance entering the refillable perfume category. The French brand’s scented balms, Philosykos Solid Perfume, make a home in a decorative reusable case made of aluminum and also come with a soft velvet protective sack. Fragrance wearers can buy replacement refills in packs of two through a variety of places, including their website. 

Aside from the solid alcohol-free balms, they also offer refillable atomizers. 

5. Dior - Sauvage

Sauvage first launched as Dior’s first offering for men back in 1966, with an update last year to include a sleek refillable version. The refillable bottle is created from recyclable aluminum and aligns with Dior’s sustainable strategy, “ Beauty as a Legacy 2030,” launched in 2022. The aluminum caps have convenient spouts making them easy to transfer the refills. In addition, Dior will extend its refillable options to also include Rouge Dior and Prestige fragrances. 

A five-pillar plan focuses on regenerative cultivations and biodiversity in sourcing, responsible beauty, eco-design, climate preservation and cultural responsibility. Dior is also transforming its supply chain, intending to convert to 100% renewable energy by 2023.