September 1, 2023

Eye-Catching Innovation: Our Favorite New Products from August

Its been a busy month in the beauty industry! With new trends emerging, shelves resetting for the fall, and increases in consumer spending, we were treated to some eye-catching new product launches in the last month. Featuring brilliant packaging, unique collaborations, and sustainable solutions, here are our 7 favorite new innovations from August.

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🔥Vibrant Vibes from FRESH by Houston White 

Eye-Catching packaging is an understatement when it comes to FRESH, the new gender neutral hair and skin care line created by serial entrepreneur Houston White. The 11-product range includes a shampoo & conditioner, three-in-one body, hair scrubs, and a wide variety of hair pomades for curly, wavy, and straight hair types. Featuring ingredients like Shea & Cocoa butter, aloe vera, and tea tree oil, FRESH is available exclusively at Target, marking White’s second collaboration with the retailer after previously launching an apparel line in stores last year. 

P.S. Check out the music playlists associated with each product, accessible via connected pack QR codes on the bottles and jars

🌊 Sustainability Superhero: Seadrop Skincare Waterless Cleanser Beads

Seadrop Skincare is one of a growing number of brands exploring new sustainable beauty formats. This facial cleanser comes in a waterless bead format and is on a  mission to keep single use plastics out of the ocean and reduce the number of preservatives used in the formula. Seadrop beads easily break into a user's hand when mixed with water, transforming into a traditional cleanser lather. Notably, Seadrop’s Waterless Cleanser Beads come in an eco-friendly reusable glass jar with available bead refills housed in paper packaging. We love to see it! 

🧴Cerave’s Foaming Oil Cleanser & New Therapeutics Products

It’s been a busy month for Cerave! The Tik-Tok famous beauty giant unveiled four new products in August, a foaming oil cleanser, hydrating sunscreen, acne foaming cream wash, and ultra-light moisturizing gel. The Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser, our favorite of the bunch, is formulated with hydrating ingredients like squalane oil, triglyceride and hyaluronic acid to help replenish moisture for smoother, softer, skin. Packaged in Cerave’s traditional rectangular 8oz bottle, we have no doubt the cleanser and other products will be a hit for back to school. 

🛁 Beloved’s new Bath and Body Collection

Just in time for fall, Beloved by Love Beauty and Planet has launched an all new range of cashmere wood & sage line bath and body products. Featuring naturally derived ingredients, the range includes a body gel, scrub, hand lotion & body cream, body mist, and candle to let you really indulge in some autumn self-care. Beloved, a collaboration between Target and Unilever’s Love Beauty and Planet, has a wide variety of similar ranges with scents ranging from Coconut & Warm Vanilla to Cherry Blossom & Tea Tree. Outside of the beautiful pack design, we love that all the bottles and jars are made from recycled plastic

🐰 Mad Rabbit’s Mad Distribution

Although Mad Rabbit is not new on the scene, we wanted to shout out the brand for their launch at Walmart- the brand’s first step into mass retail. Mad Rabbit is a market leader in products for tattooed skin, offering a range of solutions from the first days of healing to ongoing look and care. The launch marks Walmart’s first full range of tattoo care products, with 7 Mad Rabbit products going into nearly 2,000 stores to address the fast growing tattoo care consumer segment. 

💆 Function of Beauty Levels Up at Sephora

From the pioneers of customized hair solutions, Function of Beauty revealed their new hair care range, Function of Beauty Pro, exclusively at Sephora. This unique range of hair care products was developed to combat damage caused to hair from heat styling, coloring, and mechanical damage. Marking one of the first launches of customizable premium beauty, the range includes products tailored for straight, wavy, curly and coily hair with 9 mix-in concentrates available for further customization.  Similar to their core range of products, all of Function of Beauty’s jars and bottles are 100% recyclable and formulated to meet Sephora’s clean beauty standards. 

🥤Juicy Collaborations: Dove x Juice Press & Origins x Erewhon 

While these aren’t quite new skincare products, Dove and Origins both announced unique limited time partnerships to bring their ingredient stories to life in the form of beverages. Dove has teamed up with Juice Press to bring two limited edition smoothies to stores, inspired by the indulgent ingredients of the Dove Body Scrubs. Customers can pick up a crushed Macadamia Vanilla or Crushed Cherry Chia smoothie at any of Juice Press’s locations through September. Similarly, Origins has partnered with Erewhon to create a cold pressed juice inspired by Origin’s Mega-Mushroom Restorative Skin Concentrate. The fungi-infused green juice contains a mega blend of mushrooms and other organic fruits and vegetables including apple, cucumber, spinach and broccoli. We love these refreshing collaborations and hope to see a few more fall themed options as we head into fall