July 1, 2022

Top 5 Refillable Body Care Bottles

While the refillable bottle is not an entirely new innovation, having been a staple at niche zero waste stores and some boutique beauty shops for years, it is having a moment in 2022.

Recently, the refillable trend has moved away from niche smaller brands to larger companies that have shown it to be a scalable solution to environmentally adverse single-use beauty packaging. 

Established companies like Kiehl’s have made a concerted effort to add more refillable packaging SKUs to their arsenal. The expanding refillable and reusable beauty solutions have allowed companies to meet corporate social responsibility goals and answered consumers' demand for sustainable purchasing options. 

Refillable and reusable packaging options speak not only to consumers' wallets with lower price points and overall cost but also to the pressing single-use plastic problem that has been pervasive in beauty brands for years. Minimalism is in; for company overhead, consumer wallets, and the planet.

1. Meow Meow Tweet Hand + Body Wash

Meow Meow Tweet is a small company founded in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in plant and mineral-based beauty formulas. They offer bulk buying options and feature recyclable components in all of their hand and body wash lines. 

Their signature glass bottle is refillable and recyclable. The product pump is reusable or can be recycled via Terracycle, a waste management company that takes on hard-to-recycle materials. The outer packaging is a paper box that is recyclable or compostable. Their refillable option comes in an aluminum bottle because this is the material most likely to be recycled at local recycling centers. 

2. Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash Refillable Glass

Bathing Culture has partnered with retail partners across the country to sell refillable containers for their body wash. The company boasts that only a dab of the soap is needed, meaning 8 oz. of the product equals 80 showers. 

The company also sells the Mind and Body wash by the gallon, which reduces plastic waste compared to smaller reusable bottles. 

3. Kiehl’s Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser 

Kiehl’s has made sustainable packaging a priority with recyclable materials in all primary packaging and employing the use of secondary packaging only when needed. As a result, over 80% of packaging is made from post-consumer recyclable goods, while 73% do not use any type of secondary packaging. 

Kiehl’s has recently introduced refillable pouches for their Bath and Shower Liquid Body Cleanser. The pouches are made with 81% less plastic which can replace four of their traditional bottles meaning less waste, more product and some of the best refillable shower bottles around. 

4. Gelo Hand Soap Refill Pods

They are beloved for their simple, clean, and cruelty-free ingredients, and now they can add earth-friendly to the reasons to foam up with Gelo Hand Soaps. 

This year the Gelo launched Refillable Pods, compatible with their reusable plastic bottle or a glass pump bottle of your choice. The pods are wrapped in PVOH, which dissolves in water easily. They are inserted into the reusable container and create 40 oz. of waste-less product. 

5. Susanne Kaufmann Purifying Cleansing Gel Refill

The Purifying Cleansing Gel by Suzanne Kaufmann has been recognized as a Green Beauty Star because of the 100% recyclable refill bottle. The refillable bottle comes in recyclable glass and recycled plastic made from 75% post-consumer recycled material. 

Their 100% refillable line also includes hair and body wash as well as hand soaps in packaging that is 60% lighter than a standard virgin plastic making and utilizes a  “capless” design which keeps more waste from the landfill.