July 4, 2022

Product Spotlight: Reusable Magic Silicone Sheet Mask

The Honest Company has reaffirmed its holistic commitment to a clean and conscious lifestyle by extending this philosophy to both packaging and beauty appliances. Alongside “tree-free” packaging, they have also launched a line of sustainable products, most notably their reusable silicone face mask. 

Most traditional face masks are made of synthetic materials that lack recyclability. Even versions made with more natural materials are typically soaked in creams and serums that render them impossible to recycle or compost. 

The Honest Reusable Magic Silicone Sheet Mask is a versatile beauty tool that will not only keep synthetic materials from the landfill but by nature of the material can lock in hydration for longer periods of time. 

The reusable silicone mask can be used just like a regular sheet mask. Simply apply your favorite serum or mask, and then wear it for 10-30 minutes to lock in moisture. The ear loops keep the mask snug and comfortable to the face. This mask is revolutionizing beauty routines by eliminating a single-use material from your skincare regime. 


  • Reusable Silicone face mask with ear loops
  • Reusable travel pouch

What we love

When stored and cleaned properly this mask can be continuously used for months, eliminating the wastefulness of traditional sheet masks. 

In addition, the silicone mask comes in a reusable tote to keep it in mint condition. The tote can also be upcycled after the life of the mask for other beauty needs. 
The ear loops keep the mask fitting to your face so it won’t slide off when you are laying down and relaxing during your self-care routines!
The mask allows you to use whatever serums you want instead of having to search for a sheet mask to meet your skin’s needs. 

What we would change 

Although the ear loops are great, they can fit a bit tight depending on your face shape. Some users report difficulty in keeping the mask flush with all areas of their face after a few minutes. A range of sizes for different face shapes would give this product a customized feel and a better user experience.

The Honest Company reports that the mask can be reused and should last several months, however, many customers have reported that after a few uses the mask becomes stretched out and does not lay against the skin in the same way after successive uses.  

There is also some untapped potential in targeted use. Sometimes we just want to use an eye serum or another spot treatment. If this product was also offered in eye and neck patches versions it would increase its utility. 

In conclusion, while this product answers the call for sustainable utility, there are a few functional improvements that can be made to ensure its reuse value. 

The Impacked 

✔Reusable for several months 

✔Reduce waste from cotton, plastics, hydrogels and other materials that go into regular masks 

𐄂 Only shown to last a few months 

𐄂 Still requires water and soap to wash it after every use