July 3, 2022

Product Spotlight: Dove Body Wash Concentrate and Refillable Bottles

Product Spotlight: Dove Refillable Bottles

Dove, owned by Unilever, has recently released two new reusable body wash bottles with refillable body wash concentrate. The concentrate comes in 4 oz. bottles that, with the addition of water, create a 16 oz. body wash. These bottles come in both the original Dove body wash bottle and a newly designed aluminum version. The aluminum bottle is infinitely recyclable, while the plastic bottle is made of 100% recycled material and is fully recyclable. 


  • 16 oz. reusable bottle (aluminum or recycled plastic)
  • 4 oz. refill concentrate

What we love

  • The recycled plastic packaging uses 50% less plastic when compared to a standard body wash bottle after four refills from concentrate.
  • This set is available in recycled plastic or recyclable aluminum, giving consumers options when purchasing. 
  • The refill process is easy and mess-free. The refillable bottle connects to the primary packaging by a twist-in-place nozzle to prevent mess and waste.  

What we would change 

  • Although this set uses 50% less plastic, it takes at least four refilling cycles to reach this result. This requires the consumer to engage in the process to achieve maximum sustainability.  A potential change in the refill packaging material could also lessen the overall amount of plastic in the set.
  • The refillable bottles only come in the Daily Moisture, Shea, Warm Vanilla, and Cucumber scents. Hopefully, we will see the expansion of scent options and products in the future to increase Dove’s refillable program.   While using recyclable plastic in primary packaging is a step in the right direction, it would be great to see a recycling program emphasizing the return of these bottles.

The Impacked 

List summary of the sustainability profile of this particular pack looked at through the lens of our ‘Your Impacked’ criteria. 

✔ Refillable for life bottle

✔ Fully Recyclable line

𐄂 Requires purchasing multiple bottles before a tangible impact is made

𐄂 Lack of clarity on which bottle is better to purchase- aluminum or plastic?

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