April 20, 2023

Our 5 Favorite Eco Friendly Launches of 2023

It’s been a busy start to 2023! As we look back at the first few months of the year, we wanted to share our 5 favorite new product launches so far. From new sustainable formats to plastic-free packaging, these new launches are shaking up the beauty industry.

Ethique Sorbet Restoring Solid Shampoo

Ethique is leading the way in conscious and concentrated beauty and personal care products. Founded in 2012, the brand is best known for their Solid Shampoo bars which are a great eco-conscious option due to their plastic-free packaging and water conservation. Ethique specializes in a variety of concentrated solutions, including bar soaps, body scrubs, and moisturizers, all designed to be gentle on skin and the environment. By offering waterless products, Ethique is reducing waste and setting an example for sustainable beauty practices. 

Korres Santorini Grape Velvet Skin Drink

Korres beauty brand is taking sustainable initiatives to the next level. Their Athens-based recycle lab has already collected over 25,000 pieces of plastic in less than a year, while their New York City in-store lab makes recycling accessible for customers. 100% of their plant materials are sourced from Greek farmers, supporting over 1,000 farming families. At their zero-waste lab, actives are extracted from already-discarded vineyard grapes, and any unused plant matter is returned to the soil as fertilizer. With 90% recyclable packaging, Korres makes a positive environmental impact across all parts of their business. 

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream Refill

While all of Drunk Elephant’s packaging is already recyclable, the brand continues to set the bar on sustainability standards with the launch of refill pods last March. These easy-to-use refill pods are for their best selling products in their iconic push-up jar moisturizers, the Protini Polypeptide Cream and Lala Retro Whipped Cream. Drunk Elephant’s cream refills retail for $10 less than the original moisturizer (for the same amount of product), offering consumers more of an incentive to cut down their plastic waste while enjoying the same high-quality product.

Crest Scope Squeeze

Crest Scope Squeeze is another example of category leaders diversifying into sustainable options. This concentrated mouthwash is a DIY solution that allows customers to control the strength of their mouthwash. With 1.7oz of concentrate, it offers the same amount of rinses as Crest's 1 Liter bottle, while reducing packaging by up to 70% compared to their other mouthwashes. This lightweight alternative to traditional mouthwash also helps reduce transportation costs and carbon footprint.

Wellow Espresso Deodorant 

Wellow Deodorants launches in 2021 with a mission to offer clean, plant based products in plastic free packaging without sacrificing on efficacy. Their aluminum free deodorant comes in a push-pop styled tube composed of 95% recycled plastic replacing the plastic tube screw mechanism traditionally found in stick deodorants. In addition to using plastic free packaging, Wellow’s deodorants are free of parabens and sulfates. Their newest product, an espresso deodorant, is currently available for pre-order. 

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