August 25, 2023

Case Study: Cameo Metal Products Launches their First Digital Catalog & Storefront with lmpacked

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The Problem

Creating a Digital Packaging Catalog was Difficult and Time Consuming

Cameo Metal Products has specialized in the design, engineering, manufacturing, finishing, and decorating of metal packaging components for over 50 years. With a rigorous quality control system, a broad range of in-house deco & finishing services, and four manufacturing sites spanning over 150,000 sq ft of space, Cameo has solidified its position as a global leader and is trusted by clients worldwide including L'Oreol, Kiehl's, Image Skincare, Coca-Cola, Constellation Brands, and Brown-Forman. 

To continue to grow Cameo’s business CEO Anthony DiMaio recognized the need to build Cameo's online presence and provide the modern buyer with a seamless digital experience. While Cameo has had website for years, they faced 3 digital challenges:

  1. Cameo Metal Products did not appear in search engine results for potential customers
  1. New and existing customers could not easily search their stock catalog and see their capabilities 
  1. New and existing customers could not visualize the high-quality stock options Cameo offers

The Solution 

A Digital Storefront & Catalog Created by Impacked  

Cameo turned to lmpacked to build their first search-engine optimized digital storefront and catalog, including high-quality images of every stock component that Cameo offers.

“lmpacked made digitizing our catalog quick and painless,” said DiMaio. "Within weeks, we were live on the platform and able to offer new and existing customers an elevated digital experience for searching our stock catalog and discovering Cameo's many capabilities.”

Cameo’s work with Impacked had transformed their digital presence virtually overnight. As the weeks went on, Cameo’s product pages began to rank on relevant search keywords, allowing them to capitalize on the demand in the market for their products while also showcasing their sustainability initiatives and innovations all in one place.  Reflecting on the process, DiMaio said, “Cameo has dedicated years to seeking a web-based solution for easy organization and locating of packaging components. lmpacked Packaging has now paved that path, creating a gateway for global access while keeping the concerns of both suppliers and clients in mind.”

Download the Full Case Study: Here