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Viva2.1oz PP Cartridge Stick

2.1oz PP Cartridge Stick

Viva2.5oz PP Round Stick

2.5oz PP Round Stick

Viva2.1oz PP Round Stick

2.1oz PP Round Stick

Viva2.7oz PP Cartridge Stick

2.7oz PP Cartridge Stick

Viva2.7oz PP Round Stick

2.7oz PP Round Stick

APR Beauty Group2.5oz PP Stick

2.5oz PP Stick

APR Beauty Group1oz PP Stick

1oz PP Stick

APR Beauty Group0.5oz ABS Stick

0.5oz ABS Stick

APR Beauty Group1.3oz ABS Stick

1.3oz ABS Stick

APR Beauty Group1oz ABS Stick

1oz ABS Stick

APR Beauty Group2.5oz ABS Stick

2.5oz ABS Stick

APR Beauty Group1.5oz ABS Stick

1.5oz ABS Stick

APR Beauty Group0.2oz ABS Stick

0.2oz ABS Stick

Shop deodorant packaging and lip balm packaging on Impacked. Our extensive catalog offers a range of styles, including round sticks and extra wide oval sticks. Aiming for more sustainable packaging? Try refillable deodrant stick packaging, paper lip balm tubes, or monomaterial PP deodorant containers made with PCR. Instantly get quotes, samples, and technical documents from top vetted cosmetic packaging manufacturers on Impacked's sustainable packaging marketplace.