The Honest Company is not the only company that has created reusable face mask options. Below are a list of more brands that are branching out into this sustainable field.  

  1. Nurse Jamie- Skin Perfecting Face Wrap

The Skin Perfecting Wrap is a non-adhesive mask made of medical grade silicone that is built to lock in moisture without absorbing it or letting it evaporate to the environment. This product can be used with serums or just lotion and creams to let your skin fully absorb the moisturizer. This mask is also fitted with ear loops to keep it snug to your face and allow you to move around without risking it sliding or falling off.

  1. Dieux- Forever Eye Mask
    Another silicone option that keeps serums locked in, the Forever Eye Mask is a great option for people who want to target just their under eyes. This product has been tested to last a year with daily use before it begins wearing down. The packaging that these eye patches come in is also built to last and helps the product last the full year.
  1. SiO FaceLift- Reusable Face Wrinkle Reducer
    Similar to the products above, the Face Wrinkle Reducer comes in a set of 4 usable silicone patches. The patches are fit for under eyes, smile lines, brow lift and neck lift. The silicone is proven to bring out hydration in the skin and is doctor recommended. These products can be used for hours at a time to get maximum results and benefits that are noticeable after just one use.

  1. Avant Guard Reusable Sheet Mask

This food-grade silicone reusable mask works to lock in hydration of your serums and moisturizers. The ear-loops keep the mask in place and leave your skin feeling glowing without the messy work of single use masks or the waste.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Face Mask

The Dry Sheet Face Mask gives results in just 15 minutes and can be used up to 3 times. Although this mask does not have the same lifespan as others on this list, the product is built into the mask. The mask stays dry during all three uses and hydrates the skin giving a dewy glow, but no mess behind. Simply use the mask for the directed times and lock it in place with the ear loops, and when done return it to the packaging to be used again.