November 21, 2023
Alyson Lundstrom, Yasemeen Abdul-Majeed

Our Favorite New Product Launches this Fall

This autumn brings us a ~harvest~ of innovative product launches across beauty, personal care, and health & wellness. From dissolvable beauty wipes and organic personal care to wrapper-less snack bars and creative collaborations, we’ve picked our six favorite product launches of the fall!

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Fig.1's Micellar Oil Cleansing Wipes: Sustainable Beauty On-The-Go

Fig. 1, a dermatologist developed skincare brand, has refreshed their Micellar Oil Cleansing Wipes with a sustainable twist. In partnership with Conserving Beauty, Fig. 1 has developed an all new eco-friendly dissolvable cleansing wipes. Infused with hydrating grapeseed oil and squalane, these sustainable wipes work just like the old ones but disappear after use with a quick rinse of water. To further reduce their environmental footprint, these wipes are packaged in at home  compostable sachets, helping contribute to a greener, more sustainable beauty routine.

Sky Organics Expands from Castor Oil to Organic Beauty

Sky Organics, a leading name in natural personal care and a top rated castor oil brand in the US, is expanding into the realm of organic beauty products. Their latest collection features potent, organic-certified beauty-enhancing oils, balms, and body butters, all carefully crafted with simple yet powerful ingredients designed to nourish and hydrate, offering a perfect solution for combating dry winter skin from head to toe. Our favorite products are their 4 new Oil serums, Vitamin C Bright Glow, Age Embrace, Morning Dew, and Organic Rebounce which are packaged in 1oz amber dropper bottles

P.S. We’re big fans of Sky Organics’ packaging in general, the brand uses glass or 100% PCR bottles and jars across their product ranges and opts to use sugarcane or compostable paper where possible for labels and retail cartons.

One Good Thing! A Sustainable Snacking Innovation 

In October, a remarkable product launch emerged from One Good Thing (OGT), a sustainability-focused food startup. OGT has produced a line of wrapperless protein and snack bars, revolutionizing the way we approach plastic waste when it comes to snacking. These innovative protein bars are coated in an all-natural edible film, composed mainly of beeswax and a blend of other natural ingredients that allows the bars to retain their integrity even when they come in contact with moisture. The only packaging for these on-the-go snacks is the cardboard box the bars are delivered in, which is made of 70% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Available in seven different flavors, we will definitely be ordering some of these groundbreaking bars!

Natalie's Orchid Island Tomato Blends Line Extensions

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company recently introduced two new cold-pressed tomato juices to compliment their existing range of fruit and veggie juices. Both tomato juice blends are formulated with adaptogenic ingredients such as reishi and lion’s mane mushrooms to offer consumers a product that takes a holistic approach to overall well being. “In a category that is saturated with overprocessed options, we wanted to provide the consumer with an authentic experience of how tomato juice should taste, while mindfully selecting functional mushrooms to add to it for their adaptogenic properties,” says Natalie Sexton, Chief Marketing Officer for Natalie’s Juice. 

Orchid Island’s new tomato juices come packaged in PET Juice Bottles, a staple of the brand’s identity which shows off the vibrant colors of the fresh juice. Both blends are available to order on Natalie’s Juice website and in nation-wide grocery stores such as Kroger, King Scoopers, Fred Meyer, and more. 

ESW Beauty’s Pumpkin Spice Oat Milk Mask

Meet ESW’s Pumpkin Spice Oat Milk Mask, the seasonal skincare product thats been flying off the shelves. Infused with pumpkin extract for its skin-soothing benefits, ESW’s fall sheet mask not only brings the Pumpkin Spice Latte vibes to your skincare routine but also prioritizes clean beauty. The masks are free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and have a 100% cruelty-free formulation. As a business, ESW works hard to minimize their footprint where possible.  The pumpkin spice face mask is crafted from compostable cupra fabric, a fabric made from previously discarded cotton linter. Additionally, the sachet and box for the sheet masks are both made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plastic.

Beekman 1802 x Nestlé Toll House Holiday Collection 

We are a sucker for a good collaboration which is why we love the Beekman 1802 x Nestlé holiday collaboration which “transforms the most recognizable childhood scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and milk - into a limited-edition scented goat milk body care collection.” This limited edition range of goat-milk body care products are formulated to have the delightful scent of warm vanilla, butterscotch, cocoa, and brown sugar combined with Beekman’s Givaudan's Z-biome fragrance technology to ensure the delectable scent is suitable for even sensitive skin. Beekman and Nestlé’s nostalgic crossover includes a set of bar soaps, hand cream & body wash, whipped body cream, and set of Lip balms all with the delightful scent of warm vanilla, butterscotch, cocoa, and brown sugar. The collection, which serves as an excellent example of a cross-category activation, is available for purchase on and Beekman 1802’s website.