April 22, 2024

Our Favorite 8 New Eco-Friendly Packaging Components of 2024

Happy Earth Day from the Impacked Packaging Team! Earth day is an opportunity to celebrate how precious nature is and recognize the changes that need to be made to preserve it in the future. One of the biggest themes of Earth Day 2024 is tackling single use packaging waste. This year, we have been proud of the innovation coming out of the primary packaging industry aimed at moving towards more sustainable solutions. Featuring light-weighting, monomaterial wins, luxurious eco-friendly options, and collaborative partnerships, we’re spotlighting 8 new sustainable innovations from packaging suppliers to celebrate Earth Day 2024. 

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Aptar Beauty and Pinard Beauty Pack: Future Airless PET

In a collaborative innovation, Aptar Beauty and Pinard Beauty Pack have introduced the “Future Airless PET,” an Airless PET bottle which combines the relative expertise of both companies to shake up the airless bottle segment. The “Future” in Future Airless PET is Aptar’s Future pump, a mono-material pump designed to hold up to the perils of omni-channel shipping. This is combined with Pinard’s patented airless PET bottle-in-bottle technology, enabling a flexible PET inner bottle to be housed within a rigid outer bottle. This combination uniquely unlocks higher recyclability through PET vs traditional PP airless bottles, and boasts ISTA-6 testing for eCommerce through the omnichannel-designed pump. Available in a 400ml size, this highly aesthetic bottle is available with rPET bottle-in-bottle options and a variety of decoration options.

Bakic Packaging Ultra Lightweight Smoothie Bottle

Earlier this year Bakic Packaging introduced a 250ml Ultra Lightweight Smoothie Bottle. Using a combination of bionic design and extrusion-technique, Bakic claims an incredible 50% material reduction vs conventional bottles at the same size. We love the balance of form and function, combining sustainable innovation without compromising on usability. But the best part? Bakic’s smoothie bottle is 100% recyclable. Shout to the Bakic Packaging team for their beautiful pack shots, check out the bottle below!

Beyond Plastic’s Compostable Plastic Bottle Cap

In collaboration with CJ Biomaterials and Techlong International, Beyond Plastic announced a biodegradable plastic bottle cap using advanced PHA biopolymers. This new eco-friendly cap is a game changer, claiming to be compostable while maintaining the look and feel of a traditional threaded closure. While there has been a flurry of innovation and availability of compostable solutions across jars, bottles, and flexible packaging, we are thrilled to see advancements in closure technology to drive transformative solutions for the end product.

Yonwoo’s Flip Pop Magnetic Compact

Yonwoo's Flip Pop is a stylish compact that uses a magnetic attachment for an easy and convenient refill process. This design helps solve the problem faced by some compact refills of being too small to separate easily. When the compact’s upper cover is opened over 150 degrees, the case will click, separating the inner dish to allow it to be easily removed and replaced. We think beautiful refillable components play an important role in accelerating the transition away from single-use plastics but refillable solutions cannot fall short on aesthetics. The Flip Pop design incorporates transparent PETG for the upper and lower cases with a decorative ABS cover under the upper case. On the outside, the compact can be customized with anything from flashy prints to custom colors to bring to life a luxurious, refillable proposition. 

Rieke’s Innovative Eco-Friendly Pouch Cap Fitment

A long time pioneer in closure innovation, Rieke, in collaboration with Madel Spa has developed an eco-friendly pouch cap fitment with significantly reduced plastic content. Notably, this low-plastic cap is molded in a monopolymer enabling the final packaging to ultimately become recyclable when combined with a monolayer, recyclable pouch. Available in HDPE and PP, the spouted cap comes with a tamper evident cap and is available for capacities ranging from 1L to 200L. With potential applications across food, household, and personal care, we’re excited to see brands use this in tandem with flexible packaging to reduce overall plastic use. 

SGD Pharma’s Lightweight Glass Bottles

SGD Pharma's latest innovation was an expansion of their cosmetic and beauty offering with NOVA, a 200ml lightweight glass bottle. The NOVA bottle was designed for brands looking to balance environmental impact and maintain premium aesthetics. Through less raw material consumption and an optimized weight-volume ratio, the 200ml bottle has an approximately 20% reduction in CO2 emissions while still retaining the same properties and safety compared with heavier 200ml bottles. Compatible with a wide range of threaded closure and pump options, this innovative component can help brands capitalize on weight reduction while capturing the demand for green packaging.

Pibiplast Spa VEG-PACK Vegan Packaging

The team at Pibiplast believes that in order to be 100% vegan, vegan formulas should also have vegan packaging. The problem? No company in the world has certified all the raw materials used to create its packaging as vegan… until now. Earlier this year, Pibiplast launched the first-ever VEG-PACK certified packaging, guaranteeing that no substances of animal origin that are often used in packaging (such as casein, lanolin or bovine tallow) are used in its plastics, masterbatches, glues and inks. We applaud Pibiplast for combining a key consumer insight of the rise in interest for vegan claims with an innovative certification to lead the charge on more sustainable practices in our industry. 

Pinard Beauty Pack’s Thin-Walled Recyclable Bottles

One of our favorites, The Pin Pack from Pinard Beauty Pack is an alternative to soft bag, flexible packaging. Despite looking like a pouch, these components from Pinard Beauty are actually ultra-thin-walled recyclable bottles. The Pin Pack has many similar characteristics to flexible pouches but hold more of a rigid shape and are easier to refill. Pinard offers this pack in 400ml, 500ml, and 1L sizes, with RPET, PET, and PP options available. We think this is a perfect option for brands looking for refillable personal care solutions like lotions, body washes, or hand soaps without completely moving into flexible packaging.

That’s a wrap on the 8 new eco-friendly packaging components launched so far this year. Want to get serious about sustainable packaging? Every pack listed on Impacked’s Packaging Marketplace includes a sustainability snapshot to help you understand your impact and make informed decisions around your sustainability goals.

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