May 17, 2024

8 Trending Packaging Components from Luxepack NY

What a week in New York! Known to be one of the world’s premier beauty packaging trade shows, Luxepack 2024 did not disappoint. Located just a few miles away from CPG headquarters like L’oreal and Unilever, the best and brightest of beauty packaging was on display at the Javits Center. Featuring suppliers from all over the world, we’re recapping 8 trending beauty packaging components which stood out at the show. Check them out below!   

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Quadpack ShapeUp Stick  

Starting off our recap is the Quadpack ShapeUp Stick, a new refillable stick which takes brand personalization to the next level. Perfect for high viscosity formulas, this 12.5ml twist up stick dispenses the product in a geometric pattern or customized design (like a brand logo), helping drive a unique, eye-catching experience with consumers. The refillable stick is made out of recyclable mono-material polypropylene​​​​ and is also available with recycled content. Perfect for a range of products from moisturizers to cosmetics, we think this component is a great way for brand’s to engage with users during the production application experience. 

A green twist up stick (packaging component) dispensing formula in a geometric shape at the top
Source Stick Packaging Components

Nuon Medical Active Applicators

Beauty 👏Tech👏for all! Nuon Medical debuted one of our favorite examples of beauty tech with their groundbreaking skin care caps. Nuon’s skincare caps are battery powered, rechargeable component caps which can provide various added benefits like blue/red light phototherapy, vibration massages, and ultrasonic applications. Available with a mobile app to provide consumers with targeted insights, these tube and jar caps can be added on to a brand’s existing packaging, making it radically easier to implement beauty tech on existing SKUs. Perfect for masstiege or premium brands, we’re excited to see these applicators live in market across a variety of product categories. 

Inoac Cold Foil Decoration

We’re a sucker for some good decoration here at Impacked which is why we were impressed with Inoac’s new cold foil decoration capabilities. Cold foil is a heatless foil application that can be used on plastic containers without risk of deformation. Because deformation is often a common worry of brands using lightweight polyethylene or PET packaging, we think this capability opens up a new way for brands to stand out at the shelf through decoration (it's worth noting this technology can also be applied to some textured containers). Headquartered in the US with facilities located in Mexico, China, and Japan, Inoac also manufactures high quality plastic containers giving brands a one stop solution for primary packaging and decoration.  

Epopack Dual Seal Caps 

Epopack’s Dual Seal Caps caught our eye as a great potential component for brands that primarily play in eCommerce channels. The flush PET Caps function as a traditional threaded closure but include a stopper plug and sealing ring inside the cap, leading to the “Dual Seal” name. Paired with a thick walled plastic bottle, the functional benefits of a dual seal cap can help prevent product leakage, a risk that is often increased by the logistics of ecommerce fulfillment and shipping. Available with printing, hot stamping, spray color, and injection color decoration, Epopack’s components can help drive cost savings by reducing eCom chargebacks, returns, and negative customer experiences derived from packaging not optimized for the online shelf.  

Lumson Into the Cosmos Lipstick

Lumson's "Into The Cosmos" lipstick collection is a gorgeous addition to their extensive lipstick and cosmetic catalog. Released earlier this year, this exciting new range captures the essence of the Milky Way with its celestial-inspired hues and vibrant shimmers. As the lip and cosmetic category gets more competitive in stores and online, finding ways to cut through becomes increasingly important. These eye-catching, colorful lipsticks are a great way to stand out on the shelf by combining strong product branding with visually complementing packaging. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shade, and styles, Into the Cosmos was one of a few different new ranges Lumson spotlighted at the show. To the Cosmos and beyond 🚀

Source Lipstick Packaging Components

Viva Packaging Hang-Tag Deo Stick Refill

Already a leader in the stick packaging space, Viva Packaging’s newest component incorporates thoughtful design into an already popular component. Debuted with Will Perform by Serena Williams, Viva’s latest upgrade to the refillable stick features a built-in hang tag, perfect for out of home usages like the gym. Thoughtfully designed, these refill sticks can be customized with full surface decoration, recycled content, and in-mold labeling. Pioneered by the likes of Sol del Janiero in market, these circular sticks come with monomaterial refill cartridges which can be popped out of the outer shell and interchanged with ease.  

SP Beauty Packaging Kid Friendly Cosmetic Pumps

SP Beauty Packaging is riding the wave of Gen Alpha beauty with their kid friendly cosmetic pumps. These foaming pumps dispense unique patterns such as emojis, logos, and text to help drive engagement during product application. The unique pumps can be used across a wide variety of categories within personal care ranging from hand washes and creams to in-shower products. Most importantly, we think the unique dispensing shapes can help drive positive habits for kids (and maybe even make bath-time a little less stressful for parents).

P.S. we love the fun matching kids bottles SP Beauty also makes 🙂

Coradin Greenis Dispenser

Rounding out our recap is the Greenis Dispenser from Coradin, an eco friendly, innovative tube-like design. Made out of PP resin and available with recycled content, the Greenis dispenser features a unique push button design which allows consumers to easily control product dosage. Awarded an Ameristar sustainable packaging award and used in market by Dermalogica, this component is available in 15ml and 30ml sizes and can be customized with square or round caps, custom coloring, and various deco options like screen printing and hot stamping. The Greenis dispenser is also available as a 10ml refill ampoule, perfect for a variety of skin care, hair care, and makeup applications. 

Source Cosmetic Tube Packaging

That’s a wrap on our Luxepack NY recap! Looking to source innovative packaging components like the ones featured in this article? ‍Schedule a consultation with one of our packaging experts or reach out to us at to learn more. See you at the next show!