February 2, 2024
James W.

6 Stand-Out Packaging Components from PCD Paris Packaging Week 2024

Last month, our team attended the PCD Paris show to spotlight the latest and greatest in beauty packaging. The show was a great chance to catch up with up-and-coming innovative cosmetic and beauty suppliers and learn about the trends they are seeing in the market. From sustainable solutions to breakthrough innovations, we’re recapping 6 suppliers with stand-out components from Paris Packaging Week!

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Giflor Closures Eco Low Profile Line

Often overlooked, we loved seeing Giflor’s patented Eco Low Profile Line, which has been designed and developed to minimize environmental impact. This range of low profile caps are up to 50% lighter than traditional caps, uses less plastic, and potentially unlock savings in transport costs. Giflor caps are compatible with a wide range of bottles and tubes with lead times typically around 4 weeks. Based out of Italy, Giflor Closures has over 50 years of experience making innovative injection molded plastic caps.

Spectra Packaging’s Prevented Ocean Plastic HDPE Bottles

Based in the UK, plastic bottle manufacturer Spectra Packaging showed off their new recyclable HDPE bottles, now made with Prevented Ocean Plastic (POP). Prevented Ocean Plastic is a high-quality, certified recycled plastic collected from within 30 miles of coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. This program serves as a proactive approach to try and deal with plastic waste before it reaches the ocean and is something Spectra has been doing for years. Spectra expanded their use of POP from just their PET bottles (Which recently won a bronze medal at the 2023 Environmental Packaging Awards) to their HDPE bottles late last year, all at no additional cost to brand owners. 

Pinard Beauty Pack’s Innovative Thin-Walled Recyclable Bottles

Despite looking like pouches, these components from Pinard Beauty Pack are actually ultra-thin-walled recyclable bottles and were one of our favorite products at PCD. While these super lightweight bottles have many similar characteristics to flexible pouches, these components hold more of a rigid shape and are easier to refill. Pinard offers this pack in 400ml, 500ml, and 1L sizes, with RPET available across all sizes. Perfect for household products or refillable solutions, we’re excited to see this sustainable innovation in more stores!  

Hana Innovation's Customizable Mono-Material Pumps 

More 👏 mono-material 👏 pumps👏. Pump packaging components have faced scrutiny for their recyclability properties (of lack thereof) due to spring housed inside of the pump. Hana Innovations is helping address this problem with their 100% PP mono-material pump which is fully recyclable. We love this mono-material pump in particular because of how eye-catching it is even with the focus on sustainability. The PP collar of the pump can be customized to have more of a “metallic look”, allowing brands to use the pump to define their brand image and identity while still incorporating a recyclable solution. Check out that pattern!

Aptar Beauty’s NeoDropper

We’re loving Aptar’s spin on the traditional dropper with their new innovation, the NeoDropper. One of the common challenges with droppers is the lack of precise application and dosage control due to the size of the dropper pipette. With the NeoDropper, the long pipette is replaced with a stem connected to the bottle and a short dropper which draws liquid from the stem. This system allows for a smaller, more accurate dropper dose, perfect for a variety of concentrated skincare products like serums and boosters. Aptar has created two versions of the NeoDropper, a classic bulb dropper and a push-button dropper which automatically reloads a precise, predetermined dose. 

Rebhan Packaging’s Glass-Like PET Containers

Rebhan, a member of the Certina Packaging group, rounds out our list of innovative components with their eye-catching glass-like bottles. While many glass-like components are usually made with PETG, these Rebhan components are actually made of a slightly heavier PET, which helps the components maintain their luxury appearance while still being made out of one of the most recyclable plastics in the world. We think these components are a great option particularly for brands that have sizable DTC and eCommerce business- the nature of the material allows for a reduction in freight costs and chargeback risks while still allowing brands to make an impact at the online shelf.